Hi lovelies!

I have so much to say and so much to share that it is almost getting me to a state of paralysis. So much to talk about but one thing at a time.

Today’s outfit is simple – just a matching logo banded active wear from a brand called Pretty Little Things. I am obsessed with their stuff. I have linked similar items at the bottom of this post or you can head over to Pretty Little Things and check them out (This is not a sponsored post). I have been living in sportswear since I have started going back to the gym. Feet injuries will make you live in sneakers till your fully better! But I don’t mind.

The topic for today is Simplicity but with depth. As humans we are naturally very complicated but we all make life much more complicated by hiding our feelings and emotions. The fear of being judge or rejected reigns supreme, shoving away all that this world needs to know that are still caring and loving individuals around.  What if everyone just wore their emotions on their sleeves – people weren’t scared of each other? I know we will get hurt but we will also find people who will give us solace much faster? Just food for thought. I have decided to let the shroud of hiding behind a mask when it comes to my emotions go away this year. I have always been strong willed and opinionated but I have always been to scared to show affection. I have opted to change that. What’s the worse that can happen? People will think I have two heads? Well they already think that.

Now being simple doesn’t mean you don’t have depth! You can still have layers – you can still be who ever you want to be. Build character, build hobbies and build style. Be a girlie girl one day and a comfortable sporty chick the next.  Go shopping one day with the girls and watch sports the next. Why conform to the simple standards of the society? Why be one thing when you can enjoy many?

Versatility is a very important trait and it keeps life from getting stagnant. To remain young, you have to continue feeling young.  I like it when I speak to different people and pull out different hats that they didn’t know existed in my life. It helps me relate to people from all walks of life.

This post shows another side of me that I haven’t shared much with people before. A side that I was told to bury as a kid because in Asian culture Art is considered useless. It’s sad when I think it took me years before I could pick up a pencil or marker again to draw. It makes me wonder how much better could I have been had I continued drawing. It is also depressing to see how rusty my drawings have gotten. But we also should keep in mind that that we should be our competition. Why look at the rest of the world and be live in dissatisfaction by comparing ourselves to others? Our life is our own journey, we have to live it the way we want and carve our path slowly one day at a time.


Shoes: Adidas NMD

Sports Bra and Leggings: Pretty Little Things

Cropped Jumper: Pretty Little Things



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