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Some of you that been following me from my previous blog, are pretty aware of how my blog came about to be. You are very familiar with the motivational posts that I used to write. The struggle has been real these past few weeks/months. I almost feel like just when I stand up, something or someone knocks me down. I sit in disbelief, lick my wounds and get back up only to be delivered another blow. We all know the worse blows are delivered by folks you trusted or believed in the most. If you are anything like me – a total empath (yeah look up the definition of an empathetic individual) – these blows shake you to the core – make your eyes water and sometimes you don’t want to even believe what happened. So you shut your eyes tight and the person continues beating you down. Deep down inside you hope they will stop – have mercy on you. Maybe if you bled enough for their pleasure? But it has to stop. We can’t continue living life like this because there are people out there that just thrive on bringing other people down. They will drain you of your blood and leave you to die and move onto another target. You were never valuable to them and you never will be, you were just their next victim – so the sooner you realize this, the sooner you can learn to fight back or guard yourself.

This is how The Warrior Huntress was born. She protects what is hers and her clan. If you are not part of the clan, she treat you with respect, she even warns you – if you mess with her or her clan but if you keep at it – then we are going to have a combat. We won’t care if it gets ugly because you dished it out, clearly you wanted it and we are gonna let you have this feast.

For people who are generally kind and giving – waking up one day with this mentality isn’t going to be easy. You have to live it, breath it – WEAR IT (yes this is still a fashion blog haha) and practice practice practice. You might fail, actually several times. You might want to cry, scream and run. Everyday you will tell yourself you don’t have it in you to be this person – but you have to visualize everyone around you who has treated you like dirt and taken your kindness for granted – and keep pushing. BUT always remember who you are inside, remember where you came from. Your goodness. You are still a kind human being who will spread love and care. But just like any law of economics, it is a demand and supply thing when kindnes is so limited in supply then why give it to anyone and everyone for free? Start on the kind foot but immediately switch and hold it back if someone disrespects it.

So folks meet The Warrior – The huntress or Warrior Huntress for short…..Follow me on the journey as I show you how I transition and what you need to do to follow suit.



Jacket: Zara

Jumper: Forever 21

Boots: Vince Camuto

Crop Top: B.P

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