Hi loves, Would you actually believe that I live on the east coast in the DC region and had only been to New York for a 12 hour business trips? Like I never ever visited New York City to experience The City. Well that changed last week when I got invited to attend my first … Continue Reading

This is going to be a raw and real post. I don’t plan on hiding quirky jokes or a mask right now. You can hit the exit button if you are expecting a fun fashion post. More of that is in the works and will be coming shortly but for now…here is some ugly truth … Continue Reading

Hello loves! Here we go again with a 2 in 1 post.  We will see the last of the Victoria Secret x Balmain Collection and I am going to talk about avoiding negative people  and their negative behavior. If you have been following me for a while (on the last blog) – this used to … Continue Reading

Hi Loves! This is a 2 in 1 post – a motivational post with an outfit post combo! I am expecting 2018 to be a remarkable year of change for me. In order to continue my growth and change, I have given it a theme. My theme for 2018 is “Face your fears”. We humans … Continue Reading

Hi Loves! I am working hard for the last few weeks in getting new content together. In this post you get to see what I would be wearing for NYE (I am quickly changing my mind as its cold as heck today on the east coast – check Instagram stories “Closethuntress” for outfit updates) I … Continue Reading

Hi Loves! It is that time of the year again – Halloweeen! And for those of you who have been following me along, know all too well that I come out from my hiding right around this time. I know I know – I have been MIA but if you really want to keep up … Continue Reading

Hi lovelies! I have so much to say and so much to share that it is almost getting me to a state of paralysis. So much to talk about but one thing at a time. Today’s outfit is simple – just a matching logo banded active wear from a brand called Pretty Little Things. I … Continue Reading

Hi loves! Some of you that been following me from my previous blog, are pretty aware of how my blog came about to be. You are very familiar with the motivational posts that I used to write. The struggle has been real these past few weeks/months. I almost feel like just when I stand up, … Continue Reading

Hi lovelies, I would like to share with you my new hair color which is just a step away from the last hair color. Hairstylist added a little bit of green this time too. For those already following me on instagram, you have already seen a close up shot. So for once again shameless plug … Continue Reading

Hi lovelies, I have been a bit off the block but hopefully you have been keeping up with me on Instagram where I attempt to do a outfit video few times during the week basically showing what I am wearing to work. I have been a bit busy with spring cleaning my life. Making positive … Continue Reading